Like many women I know, I spent years trying countless skincare products. In addition to being extremely costly, my hunt for effective products was also overwhelming, frustrating, and ultimately ineffective. From dry to oily and acne-prone to hypersensitive, it was increasingly difficult to find a regimen that revitalized and maintained my skin without stripping it of nutrients or moisture. Eventually, this left me with an accumulation of unused skincare products under my bathroom sink, and a longing for simplicity, versatility and overall effectiveness.

Channeling my inner entrepreneurial spirit, I started to wonder how many other women faced the same struggles, why the product we all really needed didn’t yet exist or wasn’t easily accessible, and where I fit into the puzzle of how to find a solution.

And then, it clicked. Throughout my marketing career, I established relationships with many reputable CBD companies. Years of strong partnerships led to open, honest conversations about my personal challenges and what we were collectively seeing in the industry. Years of strong partnership led to open, honest conversations about my personal challenges and what we were collectively seeing in the industry.

Almost instantly, it became clear that we were all distraught by a lack of effective CBD beauty products that were true to their word. Because brand transparency isn’t something we take lightly, we decided it was time to come together and invent a skincare line that was simple, straightforward, and effective for all skin types.  

This is how RAYNE Beauty was born.

From the very beginning, we put education at the forefront of the brand and committed ourselves to working closely with our lab, which has been in the beauty space for over 25 years and produces some of the world’s best skincare products. We also spent years conducting extensive research, so that we could create reliable plant-based formulas that combine the power of science with naturally effective ingredients.

Though it was a long, sometimes daunting journey getting here, we knew the market needed a refined, multifaceted skincare line that supports a range of needs and works on a variety of skin types.

This is our why, this is my why, and it’s so rewarding to see how RAYNE Beauty is changing people’s approach to natural skincare. On behalf of the entire RAYNE Society, we are thrilled to share the art of plant-based skincare with you.

Amy Nicklaus

Co-Founder of RAYNE Beauty